eternity in the hearts of men

I was feeling lost. I was dissatisfied, unfulfilled and overwhelmed with all the unresolved issues in my life. I recorded my thoughts in my journal and my eyes rested on this verse Ecc 3:11 God has set eternity in the hearts of men. What does this mean? I had just prayed to God to give me insight into His will for my life. I opened my bible to the beginning of Ecclesiastes where God had all the answers waiting for me. I started reading The Message translation and then I needed to switch to the study bible to give me greater insight on how to apply the lessons to life. I fell asleep realizing I had hit the lottery of understanding and upon waking I again started reading. I was so excited I downloaded the study bible on my tablet and could then read God’s word easily when I had a break at work.

Parents want to share their wisdom with their children so the children do not make the same mistakes. My website was also designed to share life lessons so that my friends the readers might be saved from some of the mistakes I have made and not have to endure the penalties of bad choices.

the king who had it all

King Solomon wrote the book Ecclesiastes as he reflected upon his own life. When Solomon became King, he asked God to give him wisdom and God granted him this request and made him the wisest man on earth. He had great wealth, power, honor, reputation and God’s favor but he failed to heed his own advice. He took stock of his life and he too hoped to spare his readers the pain and perhaps the bitterness of looking back and realizing everything apart from God is meaningless, hollow and empty.


pleasing God is the main thing

Seek fulfillment and happiness in God alone. You won’t find it through worldly knowledge, money, pleasure, work, power, success or popularity. Strive to know and love God. He gives wisdom, knowledge and joy. We can satisfy the deep longings and fill the emptiness in our restless hearts if we listen to God’s words and gain in His wisdom and not the wisdom of the world. If we follow God’s guidelines for living, our life will be as God intended with true meaning and fulfillment being the result. Loving and pleasing is the main thing no matter our circumstances.

eternal perspective

Do you feel restless, dissatisfied and unfulfilled always asking God what His will is for your life? Do you feel you need to do more and achieve greater good even if it is for the Kingdom?

With wisdom you will need to be ready to feel more, think more, question more, hurt more and do more. God’s wisdom allows us the eternal perspective and a solution.

Search for life’s meaning or search for God who gives meaning. What we do here has a great impact on our eternal reward.

be present in it

Life each day is a gift. We need to be present in it, giving thanks for it and serving God in it, framing it all in a positive perspective. Even a flooded basement and the loss of all possessions can be the preparation for the next blessing from God. The trials and difficulties are our opportunity to trust God for the lasting solutions.

With wisdom comes sorrow. With knowledge comes grief.

God has a plan. Timing is God’s not ours. Finding satisfaction in your work comes from the attitude you display. We must realize the sense of purpose God has for us in the work and the fruit of our labor is a gift from God.

IMG_9451So what does it mean when God set eternity into the hearts of men? We can never be completely satisfied by earthly pursuits and pleasures. We are made in God’s image which gives us a spiritual thirst, eternal value and only God can truly satisfy us. We must trust God for our eternity and while we are awaiting His return, we are to do His work here on Earth. We get real joy from enjoying and being thankful for everything we have that is a gift from God and not in trying to “have more.”

Fear (revere or stand in awe of) God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgement including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

God’s will for our lives

We cannot discover God’s purpose for our lives by our own efforts but through building a personal relationship with Him and seeking His guidance.

We need a spirit of trust and adventure to face life’s risks and opportunities with God-directed enthusiasm and faith. Enjoy life especially when you are young but do not do anything that physically, morally or spiritually which will impact your old age.

A life without God can produce bitterness, loneliness and hopelessness. A life centered around God is more fulfilling and richer and more bearable when we face disability and sickness. How quickly we return to dust. We should treat this life as a precious resource to be used wisely and not squandered. When God no longer breathes life into us, we return to dust. When we are not following God’s purpose our work is in vain. When we do not show others God’s love, our service is futile. Seek God first and all the rest will fall in place.

the choice is yours

Have you committed your life to God both here on earth and for eternity? Does your life measure up to His standards. Death is the destiny of everyone.  The choice is yours.

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