In the past few months the decline of the world is accelerating at a frightening rate.  Instead of listing all the events that render the US and world a most unlivable place, I chose to concentrate on what I do have control over.

I can treat every person I encounter with deep kindness and love to the fullest extent of my ability.  I am only responsible for my reaction and not the reaction of those I bestow good humor upon.

I can take the time to cook a good meal and to share it with others particularly those who might not have as much.

I can fill my Facebook page with Good News.  Pictures of everyday people praying before they start their work day, strangers in a Starbucks that offer to pray with a policeman for the safety of his day.

I can tell my family what they mean to me.  I can ask for forgiveness for any of my wrong doings and I can tell people why they matter so much to me.

columbineI have full control on what I allow to enter my sphere.  I can chose not to listen to bad news.  I can choose conversation with people who strive to be positive and empowering.  I can surround myself with beautiful music.  I can bring beauty into my home with flowers, photos, good books and memories.  I can carry on with the hope of tomorrow.  Worry and anxiety have no place.  Should I die, then my hope is in eternity with my Savior Jesus Christ.  Should I live, then my hope is having Jesus at my side throughout the good and the bad, safe in the knowledge of His  promises to love me, always be with me and not to forsake me.



When we look around and see no hope of a resolution for all that ails the world, we can enlist the most powerful army of the living God.  We can pray.  There is no limit to the lengths God will go to rescue His people.  The choice is ours.  God moves when we pray.  We have not because we did not ask.  No problem is too large for God.

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