20151027_182611Full editThe most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching.

I have created two stunning gift ideas to enrich your holiday season                         and bring quiet reflection to each month of the new year.

2016 Reflections From a Cabin in the Woods Monthly Calendar $10

Perpetual Advent Calendar $15 Celebrate Christmas with Greater Depth and Meaning (see separate blog post for full details ADVENT)


2016 Reflections from a Cabin in the Woods – $10

Click Here to View: 2016 Reflections from a Cabin in the Woods Calendar

Enjoy 12 months of quiet reflection from a cabin in the woods.

Photos from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brown County and Southern Indiana.

Inspirational reflections and spiritual truth.

Contact me directly for quantity purchases and free local delivery in Central Indiana.

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the back story

My first road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to a cabin in the woods was to commemorate my 55th birthday four years ago.  I jumped in the Subaru Outback and made my way to the top of the mountain to a cabin called “Above it All.”  And indeed it was.  In those precious five days I enjoyed all four seasons.  Arriving in a rain storm that turned the mountain to mud, I was thankful for 4-wheel drive.  The next morning I awoke to a blanket of snow and I raced outside to take some of my most amazing photos which continue to be favorites to this day.  The day after, the sun came out and shined on the roses which were still in bloom.  It was fall after all and the autumn color was glorious.

Blue Ridge is in the Appalachian Mountains and is the half way point between Florida where I lived and my hometown where I was returning after a car accident and head injury.  Prospects were dim and I wanted a tangible reminder of this life changing trip.  I created a calendar so I could reflect upon all the memories from those precious days every day for the next 12 months.

I was blessed with another trip to the mountains the next year.  With a new batch of photos and memories I created another calendar and sent copies to my dearest friends as Christmas gifts.  This is also when I started designing my own Christmas cards to preach a sermon and share the gospel.  Each year the requests for the calendars grew.  Last year I took a chance and printed about a hundred copies and started selling them.  It is humbling to see these calendars hanging in the cubicles where I work.  I have been blessed with a following of loyal fans.

be transported to places of quiet reflection

The work on the calendar spans the entire year.  I am always taking photos and reading scripture.  An inspirational thought can do much to renew the mind.  A photo and a word can transport you to places of quiet reflection.  An adventure lover, I can’t wait to see what is just around the bend.  A few logs for my fire, a camera and a view…I live without envy.  When we don’t take the risk to step out in faith, then God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.



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