20151027_180851finalThe most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching.

I have created two stunning gift ideas to enrich your holiday season                         and bring quiet reflection to each month of the new year.

Perpetual ADVENT Calendar: Celebrate Christmas with Greater Depth and Meaning $15 

2016 Reflections From a Cabin in the Woods Monthly Calendar $10 (see separate blog post CABIN for detailed information about the 2016 calendar)

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Perpetual ADVENT Calendar:

Celebrate Christmas with Greater Depth and Meaning $15

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This perpetual Advent calendar is designed for use year after year.

Open it on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Eve.

Turn a page each day to reflect upon the true reason for Christmas, the birth of Christ.

Focus on the entire Advent season by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in his first Advent (arrival.)

Look forward in anticipation to Christ’s second Advent (the second coming.)

Let your holiday season be marked with a spirit of expectation, anticipation, preparation and longing.

Features Scripture, Quotes from Christian authors Mark Batterson, C.S. Lewis, Rich Miller and John Eldredge with contemporary reflections on Christmas by yours truly G. Polly Jordan.

Size when open is 8 1/2 x 11.  Spiral bound to hang on wall.

Contact me directly for purchase, quantity discounts and free local delivery in Central Indiana

Need to pay by credit card and have it shipped? – Click to purchase from the Etsy Store: Advent Calendar Purchase at Etsy

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the back story

Five Christmases ago, I returned to my hometown of Indianapolis after living life in Florida for a number of years.  At the time, I was recovering from a head injury and living with my mom.  As the holidays approached, I would go to Silk Scapes and become immersed in the majestic Christmas decorations.  Silk Scapes starts their Christmas decorating in August.  I visited every week eager with anticipation to see what would be created at my next visit.  I dreamed of when I would have my own home again.

Silk Scapes (I-65 and Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN) was so generous to let me photograph their exquisite Christmas creations year after year.  I posted the photos on Facebook along with excepts from my all-time favorite book, Christmas-On This Holy Night, by Thomas Nelson 2011.


In 2013 I moved into a home of my own and filled it full of my own Christmas designs with all the beautiful baubles, ornaments and greenery from Silk Scapes.  I had an idea for a scrawny Christmas tree like I used to cut from the scrub woods while living in Florida.  Silk Scapes made an authentic version of the scrawny Florida Christmas tree and I have it in my living room year round.  It fits the interior decor of my own cabin in the woods. IMG_7973100




Each item has my eclectic touch added.  Real Snowmen wear mink.  I adorned my snowmen with real mink collars straight from an old mink stole my grandmother wore.  I trimmed an elegant Christmas stocking with a real fur collar. Custom Christmas cards were created to incorporate a sermon and the good news of the gospel.  Christmas at my house is humorous and original. Following Christ is a risky undertaking with rewards and transformation beyond your wildest imagination.  It is my favorite time of the year.IMG_8239134













I dreamed of putting together an Advent calendar to showcase the stunning Christmas decorations from Silk Scapes and to reflect upon each day of the Advent season the true meaning of Christmas.  It took three years to put it all together.  There is scripture documenting the prophesies of the coming Messiah, there are quotes from some of my favorite Christian authors who generously gave their blessing on the project and there are a few contemporary thoughts to bring a full understanding of an event that only our Creator could have scripted.  Under cover of night in a remote village in Palestine, in a world held captive by the dark prince, God comes to earth as a human being, a little boy.  He invades the human race in order to rescue the human race.  On that first Christmas, God becoming flesh did not need the world’s press. There was no CNN or Fox news.  There was no internet.  There were no “Likes” on Facebook.  Yet God’s history-changing entrance into the world has been celebrated for more than 2000 years.  When Christ entered our world, He didn’t come to brighten our Decembers, but to transform our lives.

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