Text message on my phone said “Call me.”  I knew this would not be good.  “Well Mom, DOT shut me down.  They cited Jalil with 3 citations but I am clean.  I have no brakes on the 3rd and 4th axle.”

3 Out of 5 Ain’t Bad

I say “Well Robert, you have 3 that work and 2 that don’t.  3 out of 5 ain’t bad. Better than the other way around.  So what happens now?”

“Mom, I have just about had it.  Jalil outright lied to those DOT people.  He blamed me for not doing my pre-trip inspection.  I have been telling this guy for months everything wrong with this truck and he will not fix it until it breaks.  And Mom, as you well know from your meticulous logs, there has been a lot that has been fixed since I have been broken down every other day.  All DOT has to do is look at all the citations the company has been assessed during the last month to get the picture.”

Mother is Appreciative

“Robert, please tell the guy who shut you down that your mother is very appreciative.  Explain to him that I know he is an instrument of God and he played a huge role in keeping something tragic from happening to you and others.”

“Ok Mom, I will.  I gotta go.  Love you.  DOT is calling me into a conference call with Jalil.  I will call you back.”

Thank you God for protecting Robert.  Please do what it takes to bring justice and safety to the overall situation.

“Mom, Jalil is getting ready to go to jail.  He spouted off one too many times.  DOT said they would confiscate the truck and I will be out on my ear.  What am I going to do?”

Uncircumcised Philistines

I just smiled.  I know what happens when uncircumcised Philistines defy the armies of the living God.

“Mom, Jalil just called back playing all nice like.  He has apologized to everyone and he is going to have the truck towed to a repair shop.  I refuse to drive that truck another foot.  They need to bring me a different truck and trailer.  I am ready to blow a fuse.  I have seen every repair shop from Chicago to the state of Washington to New Mexico to every 100 miles along Interstate 40.  I can’t keep doing this but what choice do I have until my Florida license/Child support issue gets taken care of.  Mom, you know I talked to them today.  They got your letter.  They say they will help me find all those money orders I sent in and get this straightened out.  A manager is going to call you.”

$13.50 in certified return receipt letters must have done the trick.  People need to learn, they should not mess with Robert Nolan’s Foster Mother.

A Police Escort

“Mom, they have made the arrangements on the truck and I am going to be escorted to the repair facility.”

“Robert, what happened to having the truck towed?”

“I don’t know, but the DOT repair facility guy is here.  I am to drive my truck which has no brakes on axle 3 and 4 to mile marker 20.  That is 11 miles from where I am right now.  Hey Mom, I finally made it to Oklahoma.  It has taken me 3 days to go 250 miles.  Oh look, the DOT cop who shut me down in leading the route and the DOT repair facility is following me with lights flashing.  Hold on mom, we have to go through another weigh station.  I bet they let me through without stopping now that I am flagged as shut down and DOT is escorting me.  Oh look mom, there is a police cruiser pulling up next to me.  They flagged me on through.  I am almost to exit 20.  Well would you look at this, the police have shut down traffic coming in the other direction.  They really do know I am a hazzard.  Oh and they have blocked the exit  from the interstate so I can cut over to the other side.  Now there are 6 cops surrounding me.  I feel like they think I stole the truck.  Who would want this truck.  Do they think I am going to run with this truck.  If they check the records, they will realize I will be broke down in about 59 more miles.  I am willingly going to the repair facility.  I don’t want to set foot in this truck ever again.”

“Robert you have to get pictures of this.  I need video.  Most likely this will be on the news.  All those people probably think you are an escaped criminal.  All you want to do is get home and drive for a reputable company and you are being escorted like a common criminal or perhaps like the president. Pretty much one in the same.”

“Mom, get this.  The reason Jalil became so agreeable was because the state police walked into Jalil’s office in Chicago and had a little talk with him.  There were four police and they commenced to inspecting every truck on Jalil’s lot plus they are inspecting his service facility.”

Vengeance is Mine

Yes, uncircumcised Philistines defying the armies of the living God.  I got connections.  Justice is being served. Vengeance in mine (says the Lord.)

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