Yesterday I was overwhelmed by how many people I know and love were in the deep funk of the trenches.  Slings and arrows come from our everyday ordinary life and from our everyday coworkers, family, friends and even strangers in the next car over.  Our very own church family can get prickly and irritated with us.  Our past haunts us, our present includes fretting and our future seems bleak.

Mountain Top Experience

Slide4Oh how we long to be on the mountain top communing with God, letting Him reveal His purposes for our life or glorying in the splendor of a sunset or a tranquil cabin in the woods. While these are special moments of quiet reflection and motivation, it is not where we are to exist.

Muck of the Trenches

We are designed for the muck of the trenches, to lift up the demon possessed people in the valley.  We should aspire to prove our strength and stamina.  How are we building our character in the deep funk of everyday life?  Do we face our challenges with Jesus in our boat or do we let our circumstances shake our faith in Him?  When we are in despair, seek the character building of who God wants us to be.  It is the every day beating and pounding and being put through fire of the ordinary daily life which prepares us for our future.


He will put his very nature in us as he regenerates us into what He designed all along.  Your job is to see that nothing and no one comes between you and the Lord.  When we are in the muck of the trenches will it be clear to Whom we belong?

waterlilly-300x225What if the highs of our mountain top experiences are in correlation to the lowest drudgery of life we live out in the trenches.  All of a sudden my attitude has been nicely adjusted.

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