The private home where I work, eat, sleep and breathe for 168 hours per week was in need of some serious carpet cleaning.  The carpet had been cleaned six months earlier with the warning there was no hope to improve things and new carpet was needed.  One should not walk through the house with white socks as five minutes of walking produced black socks.  And let’s just say that the living room furniture was nothing I would sit on without a bio-hazard suit.  It is no ordinary house.  Every eight hours there was a change of staff who took care of two developmentally disabled young men.  One thing is for certain, no one cleaned a thing.   I was looking for a carpet cleaner who could work a miracle.

20160625_120359Three phone calls later, I was speaking to AJ Hodges of Brothers Carpet Cleaning about the challenge.  He said he wanted to personally come to the house to take a look. This was Thursday and I needed the job done on Saturday.  He said “not a problem, I can be there today at 1:00 and we will make a plan.”  True to his word he arrived on time and that is when I learned he was one of the owners and his brother Caleb was the other brother in the company name.

He looked at the shag carpet and informed me this type of carpet held the most dirt of any carpet type.  He said they did things differently from most other carpet cleaners.  They doubled the time to clean because they used a scrubber and they would rinse the shag carpet three times to get all the dirt out. He assured me that white socks would still be white when they finished the job.

20160625_093817editSaturday morning arrived and so did the brothers.  Right on time.  Nice clean van, nice clean uniforms and happy, smiling faces.  Caleb introduced himself as AJ’s baby brother.  He was very likable and he loved showing off pictures of his first new baby boy.  They started with the upholstery.  I am a photographer and a picture is worth a thousand words.  I encouraged the brothers to clean half of the chair and I would take a picture.  We did this with the carpet as well.  I am naturally curious and asked a million questions about their equipment and their work.


20160625_112211It was clear they loved their work.  It was not how fast they could be in and out of the house, but rather how long they could stay in order to rinse until all the dirt was removed.  The scrubber they use is called a CRB, a counter rotational brush to loosen the dirt by agitation.  This doubles the time to clean the carpet, but any reputable company should be using this tool.  This tool alone cost $2400.  AJ said a carpet cleaning company that does not use a scrubber would be the equivalent of going through a car wash without a cloth touching the car.  They truly did a triple rinse using 150 gallons of water to remove years of dirt the “Splash and Dash” competition left behind.  Both brothers have been in the business for several years working for other companies.  In time, they knew they could provide the best service by owning their own company.

20160625_120057The upholstery was thoroughly clean.  The carpet was restored to like-new condition.  They eyed the tile kitchen floor and said they would like to use their steam cleaner to see what they could do.  I had just made the remark to another staff person that I thought the black specs in the kitchen floor was simply the design.  I was horrified to learn this was deep set-in dirt.  The brothers used another sort of scrubber on the tile and they steamed the dirt away.

20160625_12302620160625_123951Both brothers are in their 20’s.  Older brother AJ had been saving for a house.  He had always been self-employed and knew in order to get a mortgage for a home, he would need a sizable down payment.  He had accumulated a very impressive nest egg when he and his brother decided to go into business together.  The down payment money for the house was redirected toward the purchase of the van and the machine and all the tools to operate a quality carpet cleaning business.  They take pride in their work and clean your house like they would clean their own.

They tackled the van we use to transport our clients.  They removed the seats and worked miracles on the van carpet.20160625_121113

They took a another big risk and invested in SEO, Search Engine Optimization to quickly get a good ranking on Google.  It worked because that is how I found them.  I am so excited to see two young people providing an exceptional service above and beyond the competition, being successful entrepreneuers at a young age and saving the cash to go into business debt free.  In this age of entitlement, laziness and debt, here are two young men doing things right practicing old school ways of working hard and doing quality work. They are making a secure future for their families.

20160625_120444Call Brothers Carpet Cleaning in south central Indiana.

Let them work some miracles for you.

Brothers Carpet Cleaning


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