Life does not need to stop at death.

Our sin nature was brought about when the first people God created, Adam and Eve disobeyed God. This is when death came into the picture.  We have been separated from God since then.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay once and for every single one of us the debt of sin.  He died so that all who believe in him would no longer have to die as a result of their sin – but they would have everlasting, eternal life.

He died for everyone.  He was buried and then raised on the third day and lives today as the Son at the right hand of God.  God has given His Son as a gift to the world.

All who chose to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior are free from the penalty of sin.  It is a choice for all to make.  Will you let Jesus pay for your sins by believing and following Him?  Or will you die with no hope when this life is over.

To people who refuse to believe, God’s punishment is like an angry fire.

To those who love him, His mercy is like a refuge supplying all their needs without a diminishing supply.

But to God’s enemies, He is an overwhelming flood that will sweep them away.

The relationship we have with God is up to us.  He will not turn anyone away.

My life was totally and completely transformed when I put my trust in Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

My heart is heavy for all those I know and love who may not have made the choice for Christ.  There is nothing as profound as an untimely death to bring this to mind.  There is nothing like an impending surgery to bring it to the forefront of our thoughts.  There is nothing like unforgiveness that keeps us locked in bondage and separated from God.

God will take our anger, judgement, bitterness, envy, pride, jealousy, prejudice, condemnation, shame and resentment and replace it with love for others, peace, mercy, sincerity, kindness, impartiality, and righteousness.

It is just one choice and decision away.

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