Polly Riddell has one opening for one very special senior adult in my home on the South Side of Indianapolis.

I am a caregiver willing to open my home for assisted living for that one special person who needs a helping hand.

Assisted Living for One

20141225_140331I offer a private room in my single family residence.  Daily meal preparation.  Medication administration.  Transportation with community outings.  Socialization with friends, family and church interaction.  Assistance with medical appointments.  and most of all I offer companionship as a woman of faith, a woman of eclectic and interesting pursuits who is always on some sort of investigative journey or adventure.  Life is not dull at my house.  Room, meals, laundry, companionship and care giving is all inclusive for $2000 per month.

I am known for my cooking which can include healthy, raw, vegan, ethnic, southern delicious or simply decadently sinful.

Background and Credentials

My background in care giving has been extensive.  I have cared for adults with developmental disabilities, physical and mental disabilities while being fully responsible for every aspect of their lives and care.

20170626_120256I have a specialty in elder care as a former professional guardian of elders in Florida.  I was a court appointed guardian nationally certified through the Department of Elder Affairs for elders who were no longer competent to manage their affairs.  My responsibilities included managing all financial, social, medical and housing needs.  Oversight was provided by the Probate Circuit court system in Highlands County.  I have experience working with elders with dementia.  I have served as a voluntary guardian of property and as trustee and personal representative.

As a therapeutic foster care provider and court appointed special advocate, I cared for young adults with developmental disabilities.  I also provided respite care for Noble Center of Indiana.

I am a writer and photographer and entrepreneur.  I have several business ventures that need my attention from my home office.  I offer a cozy loving home with a roaring fireplace in a peaceful neighborhood where I can care for someone special and also attend to my work from home.

Future Dreams for Handicapped Accessible Housing

Ultimately I would like to build a handicapped accessible home where I could offer a true home environment to allow us all to age in place while we help each other.  I am looking for others to join me in this endeavor as sort of a bed and breakfast or alternative assisted living for elders.

Contact me:

Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan



What others say:

Polly has an exceptional ability to get a job accomplished, but it doesn’t compare with her generosity of heart and her compassion for people of all types. I have watched her sacrifice both mentally, physically and financially to help others, giving of herself in a way that goes above and beyond what was initially requiredCathee Poulsen Author and Motivational Speaker.

In working with Polly, I found her to be organized, efficient, punctual and dependable.  But what was most impressive about Polly was her interactions with the clients.   We have a large elderly population in Highlands County and, consequently, a significant number of people with Alzheimer’s/dementia who require the services of a court appointed guardian.  Polly’s imaginative ways of communicating, engaging – and entertaining – our clients was greatly appreciated by our clients and their families.  Polly was fiercely protective of the clients, and they knew they could count on her no matter what came their way.  Polly’s compassion and caring always shine through.  Karen Retherford, Professional Guardian Highlands County, FL

Polly is highly intelligent and has considerable organizational skills.  A self-starter, she knows how to create order out of chaos, and she is not afraid of challenges. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys entertaining her friends.  She is an excellent cook, and I’m sure will enjoy preparing meals for her clients.  N. Clay Robbins, President Lilly Endowment

Polly loves everything God has created, especially people.    This is evidenced by her willingness to take risks and be involved in the lives of people in need of a helping hand.  If you were in need, you would want Polly Riddell by your side.  Pastor Gary Walker, Franklin City Church

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