Within days of turning 62, Polly Riddell is in need of a job and still needs to work to support herself.  When asked what sort of work she is interested in, well this reveals the challenge and opportunity.  A car accident and head injury in 2006 took away her profession as a commercial real estate appraiser and left her with a few sensory issues.  These are not so obvious to the casual observer.  She speaks and writes well, is outgoing, welcoming, loves listening to your story and is quick to connect you with someone of benefit.  She is always on time and totally dependable. So what’s the problem?  The work environment needs to be quiet and distraction free.  A “work from home” Virtual Assistant would be ideal.  A job where she works independently is ideal.  She loves to drive and a courier job would be good.  She works well with the elderly one-on-one and could be a caregiver, cook, and companion.  She is a fearless networker and loves meeting people and connecting them.  She organizes events with ease and is a wonderful host.

Vintage and Collectible

Clearly an antique but could be a collector’s item.  Her life experience is vast with many entrepreneurial ventures to include a helicopter field trip for children, accounting and booking experience (with no degree to back it up) ability to write (with no journalism background), real estate experience in mortgage, appraisal and new home construction (no active licenses), elder care as a professional guardian and a caregiver.  She is licensed as a Property and Casualty Residential Producer. Her resume makes HR managers scratch their heads and she totally blows up the automated computer resume screening systems.  You need to meet her in person and actually talk to her.

Chief Connection Officer

Polly loves meeting people and listens intently to their stories.  She knows a lot of people and connects them with others.  Christian Community Connect and The Comenius Institute sing her praises and wish they were in a position to hire her full time.  Dr. Mark Eckel, President of The Comenius Institute hopes you will hire Polly for some virtual assistant work so that she does not get her CDL and hit the road as a truck driver.  She has organized events for both organizations with accolades.  She loves faith based non-profits.

From experience she has NO interest in business opportunities, direct sales, sales of any kind, MLMs of any kind.  She just wants to trade hours for dollars.  Been there and tried it all with no success!



Creative and a Good Eye

Polly combines her love of photography with her love of telling a story with social media impact.

No graphic art expertise or camera knowledge but creates a visually appealing product.




Virtual Assistant Skills include: 

  • Blog management-WordPress
  • Social media creation and content
  • Writing and proofreading
  • Event planning, coordination, promotion
  • Photography
  • CRM input and maintenance
  • Administrative, email, appointments, correspondence, reports
  • Bookkeeping

Personal Assistant-Housewife-Grandmother-Caregiver

  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep
  • Errands
  • Transport elders to appointments
  • Take elderly for a drive or to a restaurant
  • Responsible adult supervision
  • Engaging social guest and event planner

What Others Say:

My Mother “Don’t ask Polly to clean house, she simply cannot manage this!”

Jeff Crane, Passport to Employment, for some reason Jeff carries around Polly’s DISC profile and shares it with people at networking events. He says Polly has high scores across all categories.  Polly has no idea what this means, but hopes God’s light shines through her rather than her own.

Mark Eckel, President of The Comenius Institute – “Please donate support to Comenius so I can hire Polly full time to make connections and be my right arm for this Christian non-profit. Hire her part-time to do the same for you otherwise she is going to get her CDL and start driving a truck and then none of us get to use her real skills.”

Ronda Andrews, high school friend “Polly is a Renaissance woman. She can do anything she puts her mind to. She wants to create something that is amazing. She does this every day by just being herself.”



Polly Riddell





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