Big Sister

Big Sister….

What is a big sister?  I have one sister who is five years younger than me.

Jill calls me her big sister.Big Sis I have mentored a number of friends and they call me a big sister.  I have some very petite skinny friends and as such, I am their BIG sister. There is a mentoring program called Big Sister.

Bottom line, life is enriched when you share yourself with others.  Often called friendship, a Big Sister is someone who lends a positive influence by being a role model, investing in a life, adding perspective, sharing similar interests, exploring new horizons, learning to dream and just hanging out.

A big sister is a true friend and as such she is willing to confront with love poor choices and life’s lessons which still need to be learned.  She will also take the brunt of the reaction when the little sister is not quite ready to learn from the wisdom of big sister


Some are sisters who become daughters.

Kirbie Brakefield







There are also sisters who are the best friends in the world and I am blessed to have one very special sister for more than half my life. Helene Samek









Some are Step-Sisters just because I wanted to be adopted into the family and this was the best way to do it.  Donna Pollard


Some are Sisters-In-Christ

where we will share all eternity together.








Sharon Walker and Sherri Hillebrand


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