Mad Capers

Daniella BooneDaniella Boone says you need some Mad Capers.  Live through them. Write about them. Laugh until your stomach hurts, tears are rolling down your cheeks and/or you pee your pants!

She has a unique way of viewing the ordinary things in life.  Enjoy her “Letters to Jordan.” Jordan has been Daniella’s friend for over 30 years and while they  live thousands of miles apart, Jordan thinks he is right next door each time the postman arrives with an old fashioned letter.

Daniella, a well bred Yankee learned to shoot guns, spit tobacco juice and talk with a southern drawl under the cabbage palms when she fell in love with her cowboy, Chase Palomino.

Follow Daniella as she rides off into the sunset in Kansas and finds the “Moon at Eleven O’clock.”

Try and keep up with that girl as she runs around the country in those snake skin boots in “Goin’ Out with My Boots On.”

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