Pink Oven

oven cr_edited-1The Pink Oven was the deciding factor in the house I purchased.

It is the same age as me, Vintage 1950’s – General Electric

Cooking is one of my passions and most entertaining starts in the kitchen and then ends at the fireplace. From Beef Wellington to bacon glazed Brussels sprouts, from fried green tomatoes to English Trifle, it is all delicious and easy.  Follow me on the many adventures around and through my kitchen.  Some days feature “Healthy and Homemade,” other days call for a five layer German chocolate, brownie, ganache cheesecake.  How about some homemade fermented vegetables.

When YIB Boney comes to visit, there is some wonderful Southern Barbeque on the grill with Collard Greens of course. When my girl Kirbie comes home from her mission trips, we kick back with a drink we made famous on one of our many adventures, a Kansas Ass Kicker.  Maybe I should not say mission trip and ass kicker all in the same sentence.  Oh well, it was sorely needed and perhaps God knows there is a time and place to have a cocktail and those adventures in Kansas were surely the occasion.

My friend Sharon urges me to do simple as in a grilled cheese sandwich and soup, so I did it one night.  Of course I jazzed it up a bit with a brushing of egg, Worchestershire, Swiss and bacon grilled open faced.  I even ate off of a TV table in front of the fire.  Soup was Butternut Squash thawed from the freezer.  What do my ex-husbands miss most about me…my cooking!

When Halinka comes we skip dinner and go straight to chocolate souffles with a rich Cointreau sauce and a Champagne Cocktail.  One of my favorite young friends, is Miss Pink and she rivals me with her own Pink Kitchen.  We discuss menus and cooking strategy and have a ball.

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