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Risky Undertaking features stories to inspire, motivate, encourage and entertain.  The website features blogs to empower confidence, reinvent yourself as a lion tamer, encourage faith along life’s bumps and ruts, explore emotions and the mind/body connection, renew the mind with a peace that transcends all understanding. Stop by my house and sit by the fire or jump in my Outback for a road trip to see what lies just around the bend.


My desire is to edify, to benefit in a way which improves the mind or character, to uplift, encourage and enlighten.  This website is a sort of ER for the soul.  Do you need Emotional Rescue. Want to be Electrified and Revitalized. Could you use some Encouragement and Renewal.  How about a little Entertainment and Refreshment.

1123122111crI am G. Polly Jordan. My pen name comes from my great-grandmother Polly, an adventuresome original with a radiant smile and a twinkle in her eye.  You might also know me as Polly Riddell.  My life is full of adventure which Webster defines as “an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.”      Ahh…a risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. A true original in a bold funky way, even in my hometown of Indianapolis, people narrow their eyes and say “you’re not from around here are you?”

Lest you think it is all about emotional rescue, I plan to throw in a few mad capers with Daniella Boone to entertain and enliven your day, a little perspective during 60 Seconds at the Microwave  and 7 Minutes at the Toaster Oven.  When you are crossed-eyed from reading, enjoy photos to transport you to a cabin in the woods or to places of allure or quiet reflection.

Now for what you will find in these diverse pages…

20170626_120256Do you want to be someone who has been transformed and changed beyond all recognition? Do you want to be on a new journey and creating a different story for yourself?  Would you like to see things differently, have a new way of thinking and define a new lifestyle?  How about the ability to rise above your circumstances and make a difference to the world with the gifts you have been given?   Join me for a risky undertaking to be transformed and fully alive.

Big Sister – Could you use some encouragement, confidence, a sympathetic ear?  How about a friend to travel with you along life’s bumps and ruts.  This is the spot for emotional rescue, an ER for the soul.

Lessons Learned – Live through my many adventures, wrong turns, bad decisions without ever getting your feet wet.  Follow me in my “Adventures with God” to the ultimate lessons learned.

Energy in Balance – Explore the mind, body, spirit connection of emotions and health.

Mad Capers – Join me for a peek inside “Letters to Jordan,” “The Moon at Eleven O’Clock,”  “We Are Not In Kansas Anymore” and “Going Out With My Boots On.”

Pink Oven – Energize, simplify and revolutionize your kitchen.  Yikes its 4:30…what’s for dinner!

Through the Lens – Transport yourself to a cabin in the woods or to places of allure and quiet reflection.  Visit the gallery of photos, cards calendars and more.

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